Artist statement

I can almost smell it… I want to touch it… I want to eat it…

The current work Luminous navigates our intrinsic responses to sensual visual imagery.

Engagement arises from the emotions and the heart – it is immediate, uncensored, not conceptual – it is real. These still life paintings are drawn from those personal and universal objects in my immediate environment which conjure emotions such as desire and passion, or suggest the mysterious; pomegranates, cherries, figs, a fallen flower or an upturned bowl. I look for balance, colour and stillness in the drama.

The paintings intend to trigger and expand on the primitive senses of touch, taste and smell. They are solid and embodied. The scale of objects is exaggerated to share a minutely observed personal viewpoint – through magnification, large objects expose their delicacy and small things such as petals and seeds reveal their qualities of transparent reflective beauty.